• The portal is an important tool meant for BASIC communication between you and our staff. Appropriate use of the portal includes questions about refills, appointments, administrative concerns, and basic medical concerns that can be answered in a few brief sentences.

  • Please keep messages concise so we can answer them efficiently.   

  • Please schedule an appointment in lieu of a portal message in the following circumstances:

    • Your have multiple questions or a more complex concern

    • Your concern warrants a physical exam, lab work, or imaging

    • Your question is about a NEW medical complaint that has not yet been addressed with your provider

    • You have NOT had a medical visit with your provider in over one year and have a medical concern

  • We understand that we are often booked out several weeks for appointments. If you have a more urgent need for an appointment and cannot find one through the portal, send a brief portal message to Becca and we will do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible.

  • Some insurance companies allow us to bill for portal communications if they meet certain criteria. If your messages meet this criteria and we bill for the messaging, you may be responsible for a portion of the charge, depending on your plan coverage. 

  • We strive to answer portal messages within two business days.  The portal may not be checked over the weekend.  

  • If your question is an emergency, please call the office rather than using the portal.

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